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Tour The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a beautiful architectural landmark that can be seen from all points in our Nation's Capital. This stunning tribute to the country's first president is one of the top attractions in Washington, DC. Rising to an impressive height of over 555 feet above the National Mall, the Washington Monument can be toured with reserved tickets from the National Park Service. 



9:00 AM - 10:00 PM




  • See a National Treasure 
  • Guided Tours 
  • Climb the Tower 
  • Interpretive Programs 

Parking, Directions & Public Transit

The Washington Monument is centrally located on the National Mall and easily accessible by public transit with parking facilities available within walking distance. 

History Of The Monument.

The Washington Monument was built from 1848 to 1884 in stages until it became the tallest stone structure in the world and the world's tallest obelisk. It honors the first President of the United States. 


  • What's inside the Washington Monument?
    Inside the ground floor lobby, there is a statue of George Washington and an elevator to the top floor, the 500-foot observation deck at the base of the pyramidion. The observation deck provides views out two windows. There's also a small museum on the 490-foot level. The interior walls are lined with commemorative stones that honor the life of George Washington.
  • How tall is the Washington Monument?
    Rising above the National Mall in the heart of Washington, DC, the majestic Washington Monument rises to 555 feet and 5/18 inches tall and is 55 feet wide at the base. Because it is an all-stone structure, it does not sway in the wind.