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What to see for the visitor

  • What to see for the visitor?

    • Healy Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places and is also a National Historic Landmark. Work began on the building in 1877 and much of the interior was completed by the 1881-1882 academic year.
    • Gaston Hall completed in 1901, is an over 700-seat hall where national and international dignitaries have spoken since the turn of the last century and was named after Georgetown's first student, William Gaston, who later served in Congress.
    • Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart has served as the main Catholic chapel on campus since 1893. The chapel was a gift from Mrs. John Vinton Dahlgren in memory of her infant son. The cross suspended over the main alter is believed to have been constructed during the earliest days of the Maryland Colony. Mass is celebrated in Dahlgren Chapel at 12:10 p.m., Monday through Friday. Mass is celebrated six times on Sunday during the academic year.
    • Admissions Visits for Undergraduate and Graduate/ Professional Admissions

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