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01 - Jun
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Where: Washington, DC
Capitol Hill Walking Tour
Free Walking Tour - Capitol Hill is the ultimate melting pot of American culture. Senators and Representatives from every corner of the land come together to debate and legislate what each believes to be the proper direction for the country. Capitol Hill is no place for the meek; this is the intersection of passionate politics and public service.
Bring your camera as you take in the grand structures of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government.
Major Sights:
  • Capitol Building
  • Ulysses S Grant Memorial
  • Summer House
  • Freedom Statue
  • Library of Congress
  • Supreme Court
  • Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain
  • Union Station
  • and more!
No visit to DC is complete without hearing the stories of the most politically powerful square mile in the United States. For more information please visit:
Admission: Free, Tip-Based. 10am-12pm M-F
Meets at the SE corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 3rd St NW Book Your Room Now!
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